BMax B-Home (Power: 25kW)

Pellet burner self-modulating with five power levels to ensure high efficiency. Instant adjustment of the temperature. Ideal for use in residential buildings.

1. Exclusive characteristics

  • fully automatic
  • reliable turning on and off, thanks to safety sensors
  • made with high quality materials, including high temperature resistant steel
  • electronic self-regulation based on the fuel used

2.What can be used?

  • sawdust PELLETS measuring from 6 to 8 mm

3.Double flange

The burner B-Home has the possibility to replace the terminal flange depending on the application to which it is mounted. In fact, the burner is equipped with a terminal flange that can interchangeably be square or round. This is an important feature to optimize the storage of the burner and facilitate the installation.

4.Loading system

Bmax Technology burners are equipped with automatic loading system.