Камин хидро 270 беж 31 KW-PALAZZETTI (Код 7026)


Features and standard equipment:

New pellet stove hydro, with 12 boiler smoke pipes with high efficiency. The heat exchanger completely encloses the combustion chamber and the fumes give the maximum of the thermal energy to the water. E 'it equipped with a unique system for the control of combustion, in order to obtain very high performance. Complete with hydraulic unit consisting of pump, expansion tank, safety valve and valve condensate. Simple and intuitive control panel with touch-sensitive controls (touch). Ample ash tray and collection system soot.

Dimensions 62 x 72 x 136 cm - Weight: 180 kg
Max thermal power input 29 (Kw) - 25000 (Kcal / h)
Efficiency at rated power 0.9206
Efficiency at reduced power 0.9521
Rated thermal input 26.7 (kw) - 23000 (Kcal / h)
Rated thermal water 24,07 (Kw) - 20700 (Kcal / h)
Reduced heat output 6.34 (kw) - 5500 (Kcal / h)
Reduced heat output water 5.58 (kw) - 4800 (Kcal / h)
Capacity pellet hopper 50 (kg)
Hourly consumption 1.357 (kg / h) - 5.915 (kg / h)
Operating autonomy max 37 h
Diameter flue ø 10 cm
Water heater series No