General Info

Akvaterm engineering is today a leading company in sales of plumbing products, heating and solar systems. Akvaterm means sales, but also services, provided by professionals that convey the technical expertise and know-how from decades of experience. The choice, which over time has proved successful, was to act as full services provider, to achieve a consistent product range capable of covering the diverse installation requirements.

Company Vision

Leadership: maintain its leadership in designing, manufacturing and sales of components and integrated systems for the plumbing products, heating and solar systems.

Internationalization: Akvaterm is based in Macedonia. It has a structured and coordinated approach to the globalization process, consolidating its product and company image.

Research & Development: Being very well aware of the complexity and of increasingly diverse and demanding market, Akvaterm is looking for resources to acquire technologies that allow production of high quality standard.


Experience and innovation for a constant growth

Akvaterm is a leading sales company of manufacturer of a wide range of integrated systems and products for the plumbing sector, heating and solar systems. The considerable experience gained in a highly specialized environment, a fully self sufficient industrial structure in which it appears; ensure the achievement of targets characterized by constant technological and product innovation and a high level of overall quality, for the full satisfaction of its customers.

Akvaterm is representing the following brands/sales products:

Tiemme S.p.a.:

General Fittings S.r.l.:

Tesy L.T.D.:

Cewal S.p.a.:

Speroni S.p.a.:

Frabo S.p.A.:

Sanha GmbH & Co.:


H.M. Heizkörper:



Frost Italy:

Ebrille S.r.l:

Unidelta S.p.A:


Megal Bujanovac:

Fonderie Sime:

Copper tube:

Elmec B-MAX:

Our existing object

Area: 2400 m2 (6 floors building)

Parking Place: 500m2

Elevators: 3pcs

Our new object ending August 2015