Циркуларна пумпа санитар (пумпа за циркулирање на топла вода во централизирани домашни системи за греење
Код Модел количина / кутија
6710 DAB VS 35/150 1"-56W 1
Operating range: from 0,6 a 3,7 m3/h with head of up to 6 metres./td>
Pumped liquid temperature range: from -10 °C to +85 °C for sanitary uses, and +110 °C for other uses. To avoid the formation of calcium, do not exceed 65 °C, and include a calcium removal system when the hardness of the water exceeds 15 French degrees.
Pumped liquid: clean, free of solids and mineral oils, non-viscous, chemically neutral, with properties similar to water (glycol max 30%).
Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar (1000 kPa).
Minimum suction pressure: the values are shown in the corresponding tables.
Installation: with HORIZONTAL MOTOR AXIS.
Special executions on requests: alternative voltages and frequencies.
Accessories: 1/2”F - 3/4”F - 1”F union connectors.
Copper piping welded union connectors: Ø 22 mm - Ø 28 mm.