Akvaterm engineering is today a leading company in sales of plumbing products, heating and solar systems. Akvaterm means sales, but also services, provided by professionals that convey the technical expertise and know-how from decades of experience.

Akvaterm is representing the following brands: Tiemme S.p.a. General Fittings S.r.l. Tesy L.T.D. Cewal S.p.a. Speroni S.p.a. Frabo S.p.A. Sanha GmbH & Co. Termopan H.M. Heizkörper Imasradiators Grupporagaini Frost Italy Ebrille S.r.l Unidelta S.p.A Senko Megal Bujanovac Fonderie Sime Copper tube Elmec B-MAX